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Texas National Guard Medal of Merit
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The Texas Medal of Merit is awarded to any member of the State Military Forces of Texas who distinguish himself/herself by outstanding service, extraordinary achievement or act(s) of courage in behalf of the State of Texas or the United States.

(1) Meritorious achievement or meritorious service included that service rendered specifically on behalf of the State Military Force of Texas and/or the United States military forces. It also includes acts of courage which do not meet the requirements for award of a higher State of Texas decoration.

(2) Superior performance of normal duties does not, in itself, constitute automatic justification for an award of the Texas Medal of Merit. Awards will be restricted t the recognition of achievements and services which are clearly outstanding and unmistakably exceptional when compared to similar achievements of personnel of like rank and responsibilities. This service or achievement, although clearly outstanding, is of a lessor degree than that service or achievement required for a higher State of Texas decoration. Successful accomplishment of a predesignated number of tasks or functions is not a valid basis for an automatic award. However, unusual and extraordinary sustained performance may be used as a point of departure in justifying meritorious achievement or service.

(3) In instances where many individuals are affiliated with an exceptionally meritorious program, project or mission, the Texas Medal of Merit will be awarded only to those relatively few individuals whose contributions clearly stand out from the others and who have contributed most to the success of the program.

(4) The Texas Medal of Merit is awarded for act(s) of courage which involve personal hazard or danger and the voluntary risk of life but which, although sufficient to clearly set the individual apart from his/her comrades or from other persons in similar circumstances, is of a lesser degree than required for the Lone Star Medal of Valor. When awarded for act(s) of courage, a bronze block letter "V" will be included.

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