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Ohio National Guard Commendation Medal
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The Ohio Commendation Medal may be presented to each person who, while a member of the state military forces, distinguishes himself/herself while serving in any military capacity by meritorious achievement. The performance must be such as to merit recognition for service which was clearly outstanding. Superior performance of normal duties will not alone justify an award of this decoration. Technicians and full time military employees of the Adjutant General's Department will, for the purpose of this award, be considered as serving in a military capacity. Additionally, civilians who perform in an outstanding manner, in conjunction with military personnel or military operations, may at the discretion of the Adjutant General be authorized this award.

To promote good morale and to ensure recognition of deserving acts in a proper and timely manner, the Adjutant General of Ohio, the Assistant Adjutant General of Army and Air, State Command Sergeant Major, and the Ohio ANG Senior Enlisted Advisor are authorized to present "Impact Awards" of the Ohio Commendation Medal at such times and places as they deem appropriate.


A Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster is issued to denote award of second and succeeding awards of the Ohio Commendation Medal. A Silver Oak Leaf Cluster will be awarded for each five Bronze Clusters.


The Ohio Commendation Medal is a gold colored octagonal medal depicting in relief the head and shoulders of a colonial militiaman in the right three quarters and the word "OHIO" vertically in the left quarter, suspended from a moired silk ribbon 1-3/4 inches in length and 1-3/8 inches in width composed of seventeen vertical stripes alternating red and white of equal width, beginning and ending with red, symbolizing the fact that Ohio was the seventeenth state admitted into the Union. The colors are taken from the wreath of the crest of all units of the state's military forces. The Ohio Commendation Medal also has a standard ribbon bar, 1-3/8 inches wide of moire silk, composed of seventeen vertical stripes alternating red and white of equal width, beginning and ending with red.

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