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United States Military - Obsolete

Brevet Medal

Certificate of Merit

Army Civil War Campaign Medal

Navy Civil War Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Civil War Campaign Medal

Indian Campaign Medal

Navy West Indies Campaign Medal

Marine Corps West Indies Campaign Medal

Army Spanish Campaign Medal

Navy Spanish Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Spanish Campaign Medal

Army Spanish War Service Medal

Army of Cuban Occupation Medal

Army of Porto Rico Occupation Medal

Army Philippine Campaign Medal

Navy Philippine Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Philippine Campaign Medal

Army Philippine Congressional Medal

Army China Campaign Medal

Navy China Relief Expedition Medal

Marine Corps China Relief Expedition Medal

Army of Cuban Pacification Medal

Navy Cuban Pacification Medal

Marine Corps Cuban Pacification Medal

Navy Nicaraguan Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Nicaraguan Campaign Medal

Army Mexican Service Medal

Navy Mexican Service Medal

Marine Corps Mexican Service Medal

Navy Hatian Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Second Haitian Campaign Medal

Army Mexican Border Service Medal

Navy Dominican Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Dominican Campaign Medal

Navy Second Haitian Campaign Medal

Marine Haitian Campaign Medal

Navy Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal

Marine Corps Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal

Navy Yangtze Service Medal

Marine Corps Yangtze Service Medal

Marine Corps China Service Medal

Andre Medal

Kearny Medal

Kearny Cross

Gillmore Medal

Butler Medal

Ely Medal

Fort Sumter Medal

Fort Pickens Medal

Manila Bay Medal

West Indies Naval Campaign Medal

Specially Meritorious Service Medal

Cardenas Medal of Honor

Jeannette Arctic Expedition Medal

American Spirit Honor Medal

Navy Marksman Badge

WW I Victory Medal
The World War I Victory Medal was awarded for military service during the First World War more

World War One Army of Occupation Medal

American Typhus Commission Medal

European African Mid Eastern Campaign Medal

WW II Victory Medal

Navy Occupation Medal

Humane Action Medal Berlin Airlift Medal

Navy Reserve Medal

Navy Distinguished Marksman Badge

Navy Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge

Navy Short Range Battle Practice Medal




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