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Louisiana National Guard Medal of Honor
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Establishing Authority

(a) Recommendation must be based on the statement of a person or persons having personal knowledge, preferably his immediate commander. The act must be described in detail, with proof in the form of affidavits from civilians and military eyewitnesses. Basic recommendation will show the exact status of the person being recommended at the time of the performance and a specific statement that his entire service in the Louisiana National Guard has been honorable. Recommendations will be submitted through command channels to the Director of Human Resources. (b) Recipient of the Louisiana Medal of Honor will be ordered to the State Capitol and presentation will be made by the Governor, State of Louisiana, in the presence of a joint session of the legislature. (c) No more than one Louisiana Medal of Honor shall be awarded to a member of the Louisiana National Guard.


The Louisiana Medal of Honor will be awarded by joint resolution of the Louisiana Legislature to any person who served honorably in the active Louisiana National Guard while in State Service and who during the period of honorable service distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry at the risk of his own life, so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish himself for gallantry above his comrades, the omission of which would not subject him to censure for failing in the performance of duty.

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