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Georgia National Guard Service Medal
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Establishing Authority

This award was authorized by the state legislature on August 21, 1916, as recorded in Act 565, Sec 3-93, Part I, Title 5. Two different medals have been issued, the first having technically been a badge before the ribbon was added.

The Type I award was a badge with a large brooch and bars. Whitehead & Hoag manufactured this medal for Georgia. On December 10, 1931, General Order 6 replaced this badge with the Type II award, which was the same planchet suspended by a ribbon. The Boar's Head devices were adopted to denote subsequent awards of this new medal.

On April 1, 1958, the new regulation introduced the Type III design for the first time, authorized in 1955 under the same law as the Medal of Valor, but subparagraph "a" rather than "c". It was at this time that the minimum period of service was increased from six yrs to ten. Current statutory authority for this award is provided in Sec 38-2-283(a), State Code.


This service medal is awarded upon completion of 10 years of service to the Georgia National Guard by members of same who continue in active state service. Time in federal service will only be counted in determining eligibility for this award when the individual entered such service from or with a unit of the Georgia National Guard. Originally, for the Type I award, the length of service required was only six years.

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